SIGHT AND LIFE ist eine humanitäre Initiative des Vitaminkonzern - DSM Nutrition. die 2003 aus Roche Vitamins (Basel) and Fine Chemicals Division entstand.

Die Homepage -  / - bietet Informationen zu den Aktivitäten zur Eliminierung des Vitamin A Mangels, aber auch anderer Mikronährstoffe, besonders in Entwicklungsländern.

Es sind viele Dokumentationen zugänglich:
Dokumente/Media (link)

Micronutrients, Macro Impact: The story of vitamins and a hungry world (download)

online resources - e.g. Mapping Nutrition

 und den regelmäßigen Newsletter (Magazin "sight and life") kann man "downloaden". Es gibt ihn in dieser elektronischen Form seit 1/1995 – jedes Jahr 3 Hefte.

Das Magazin 03_2012 enthält u.a.
Adequate Nutrient Intakes for Infancy;

Das Magazin 02_2012 enthält u.a.
Food Fortification with Vitamin B12 - Micronutrient Status in Vietnam - Noel W Solomons

Das Magazin 01_2012 enthält u.a.:
Living on $2 a day - If we spent 11,8 Mrd USDollars/Jahr - könnten 1,1 Mill Kinderleben gerettet werden + 150 Millionen Kinder weniger unterernährt (stunting prevention)
Multiple Micronutrient Nutrition: Evidence from History to Science to Effective Programs Workshop Proceedings: 2nd World Congress of Public Health, Portugal, 2010

Das Magazin 03_2010 enthält - SIGHT AND LIFE Statement 7 - Optimized Micronutrient Powder Improves the Nutritional Status of Children 9 - Nutrition as a Mediator of Visual Health Across the Lifespan 15 - Interactions between Multi-nutrients, Vitamin A, Mastitis and HIV 25 -Stunting: An Overview 40 - Qualitative Research 49 - A Day in the Life of the DSM /WFP Partnership 53- The Dance of Climate Change and Hidden Hunger 55 - Report from Kakuma 61 - In Memoriam - Martin Frigg 64 - Nicholas Cohen 67 -- Millennium Development Goals Summit, September 20–23, New York 70 - Second World Congress of Public Health Nutrition 76 - Bioavailability 2010 86 - Publications 90

Das Magazin 02_2010 enthält - Lessons Learned From Carotene Supplement Trials 7 - The True Story of Zinc Nutrition and Homeostasis 13 - Iron: Nutrition’s Two-Edged Sword 20 - How to Design a Qualitative Research Program 25 - Should Organically Produced Foods be Healthier than Conventionally Grown Foods? 30 - Infant Vitamin A Supplementation: From Research to Policy 42- Positioning Nutrition at the Center of the Development Agenda: The Malawi Experience 50 - CARIG Conference 2010: Carotenoids and Cancer 58 - Maternal Death Declines Sharply Across the Globe 59 - Feed the Future – The United States’ new focus on agriculture and women, infants and children 63 - Nutrition – the Forgotten Priority in Development Agenda 67 - Berlin Policies Against Hunger VIII Conference Addresses Hunger as a Structural Problem 70 - Publications 72

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