Die Nährstoff- und Energieaufnahmen in Deutschland - in NVS II - Kap. 5.6.6. - Vitamin B12 (S.124)

Neuer Referenzwert für die Vitamin-B12-Zufuhr - Nicht nur für Veganer essenziell. DGE-Pressemitteilung 22.01.2019: Schätzwert für eine angemessene Zufuhr für Erwachsene liegt mit 4,0 µg pro Tag höher als die bisher empfohlene Zufuhr von 3,0 µg pro Tag. (und link Dez. 2018)

Conzade,  R. et al.: Prevalence and Predictors of Subclinical Micronutrient Deficiency in German Older Adults: Results from the Population-Based KORA-Age Study. Nutrients 2017, 9(12), 1276; doi:10.3390/nu9121276 ⇔ idw-Pressemitteilung 07.12.2017 (Vitamin D, Folsäure, Vitamin B12, Eisen)

Übersicht - Verwendung von Vitaminen in Lebensmitteln - Toxikologische und ernährungsphysiologische Aspekte - BfR-Publikation: -Wissenschaft 03/2004)
Mindestbedarf + Höchstmengen an  Vitamin A + ß-Karotin; Vitamin D, Vitamin E; Vit K; Vit B1; Vit B2; Niacin; Vit B6, Folsäure, Pantothensäure; Biotin, Vit B12; Vit C (241S)

Older people are at increased risk of vitamin B12 deficiency which can lead to severe neurocognitive deficit (e.g. progressive weakness, vision and hearing loss, impairment in communication and co-ordination). The aim of the present study is to assess whether increased dietary intake of crystalline vitamin B12 will improve nerve function and cognitive function in older people with defined low vitamin B12 status. Demonstrating that vitamin B12 dependant nerve and cognitive function impairment is present even in individuals without clinical symptoms will have considerable public health significance.


The OPEN study is funded by the UK Food Standards Agency


Health Claims (EFSA Informationen) für Vitamin B12
ID 91: ―Folic acid‖ and ―The role of vitamins and minerals in immunity
ID 92: ―Blood formation
ID 93: ―Cell division (such as in the gastrointestinal tract)‖
ID 94: Vascular function / Cardiovascular health
ID 95:  ―Neurological system: structure and function
ID 96: ―Homocysteine metabolism
ID 97:  ―Neurological system: structure and function
ID 98: ―Cognitive function in ageing
ID 99:  ―Energy metabolism: propionate and amino acids
ID 100: ―Structure and function of the neurological system
ID 101:  ―Blood function
ID 102:  ―Nerve system and cognitive function
ID 103:  ―Homocysteine levels
ID 104: ―Bone/Teeth/ Hair / Skin and Nail health
ID 106: ―Heart Health
ID 107: ―The role of vitamins and minerals in immunity
ID 109: ―The role of vitamins and minerals in mental performance (where mental performance stands for those aspects of brain and nerve functions which determine aspects like concentration, learning, memory and reasoning)
ID 111:  ―Strong healthy bones
ID 112: ―Folic acid, vitamins B12, B6‖ and ―Homocysteine metabolism

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