Landflucht - Wanderung vom Agraraum (Dorf-Landleben) in die Stadt - seit Beginn der Industrialisierung (Geschichte Europas) (aktuell in Entwicklungsländern):
Durch Push - Mechanisierung der Landwirtschaft - weniger Arbeitskräfte - und durch Pull - "Sog" der Einkommenschancen (Arbeitsplätze) in der Stadt - Entleerung der Agrarräume (besonders durch junge Menschen; die "Zukunft"s--Träger wandern aus) und Wachstum der Städte - urbane Zentren - Megapolis
(rural-urbane Mobilität) (Binnenwanderung) (Migration)

The Impact of Urbanization on Nutrition.

Susan J. Black & Diva Sanjur: Nutrition in Rio Piedras: A study of internal migration and maternal diets. Ecol Food Nutr. 10(1) 25-33 (1980) (Scan im Archiv)
249 randomly selected women attending a pre.natal clinic in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, were interviewed to investigate sociodemographic and economic factors influencing their food habits. Variables studied included migration and residence patterns; education, income and occupational levels; and the frequency of use of various media sources. Maternal diets were assessed in terms of nutrition knowledge, food preferences and food consumption. The statistical analysis used included the student's t‐test and Kendall tau rank correlation. The 143 migrants were significantly more knowledgeable than the 106 non‐migrants about appropriate foods, and both preferred and consumed a wider variety of foods during the period under study. Migrants also had significantly higher educational and income levels and made more frequent use of information sources than did non‐migrants.