The Cambridge World History of Food - (2-Volume Boxed Set) (Eds.. Kenneth F. Kiple, Kriemhild Coneè Ornelas), Cambridge University Press, 2000 (UK) (internet) (im Archiv)



I. Determining What Our Ancestors Ate

1.1 Dietary Reconstruction and Nutritional Assessment of Past Peoples. The Bioanthropological Record

Clark Spencer Larsen

1.2 Paleopathological Evidence of Malnutrition

Donald J. Ortner and Gretchen Theobald

1.3 Dietary Reconstruction As Seen in Coprolites

Kristin D. Sobolik

1.4 Animals Used for Food in the Past: As Seen by their Remains Excavated from Archaeological Sites

Elizabeth S. Wing

1.5 Chemical Approaches to Dietary Representation

Ted A. Rathbun

1.6 History, Diet, and Hunter-Gatherers

Mark Nathan Cohen

II. Staple Foods: Domesticated Plants and Animals

IIA. Grains

II.A.1. Amaranth

Mary Karasch

II.A.2. Barley

Joy McCorriston

II.A.3. Buckwheat

G. Mazza

II.A.4. Maize

Ellen Messer

II.A.5. Millets

J.M.J. de Wet

II.A.6. Oat

David M. Peterson and J. Paul Murphy

II.A.7. Rice

Te-Tzu Chang

II.A.8. Rye

Hansjorg Kuster

II.A.9. Sorghum

J.M.J. de Wet

II.A.10. Wheat

Joy McCorriston

II.B. Roots, Tubers, and Other Starchy Staples

II.B.1. Bananas and Plantains

Will C. McClatchey

II.B.2. Manioc

Mary Karasch

II.B.3. Potatoes (White)

Ellen Messer

II.B.4. Sago

H. Michael Tarver and Allan W. Austin

II.B.5. Sweet Potatoes and Yams

Patricia O'Brien

II.B.6. Taro

Nancy J. Pollock

II.C. Important Vegetable Supplements

II.C.1. Algae

Sheldon Aaronson

II.C.2. The Allium Species (Onions, Garlic, Leeks, Chives, and Shallots)

Julia Peterson

II.C.3. Beans, Peas, and Lentils

Lawrence Kaplan

II.C.4. Chilli Peppers

Jean Andrews

II.C.5. Cruciferous and Green Leafy Vegetables

Robert C. Field

II.C.6. Cucumbers, Melons, and Watermelons

David Maynard and Donald N. Maynard

II.C.7. Fungi

Sheldon Aaronson

II.C.8. Squash

Deena S. Decker-Walters and Terrence W. Walters

II.C.9. Tomatoes

Janet Long

II.D. Staple Nuts and Other Legumes

II.D.1. Chestnuts

Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux

II.D.2. Peanuts

Johanna Dwyer and Ritu Sandhu

II.E. Animal, Marine, and Vegetable Oils

II.E.1. An Overview of Oils and Fats with a Special Emphasis on Olive Oil

Sean Francis O'Keefe

II.E.2. Coconut

Hugh C. Harries

II.E.3. Palm Oil

K.G. Berger and S.M. Martin

II.E.4. Sesame

Dorothea Bedigian

II.E.5. Soybean

Thomas Sorosiak

II.E.6. Sunflower

Charles B. Heiser, Jr.

II.F. Trading in Tastes

II.F.1. Spices and Flavorings

Hansjorg Kuster

II.F.2. Sugar

J.H. Galloway

II.G. Important Foods from Animal Sources

II.G.1. American Bison

J. Allen Barksdale

II.G.2. Aquatic Animals

Colin E. Nash

II.G.3. Camels

Elizabeth A. Stephens

II.G.4. Caribou and Reindeer

David R. Yesner

II.G.5. Cattle

Daniel W. Gade

II.G.6. Chickens

Roger Blench and Kevin C. MacDonald

II.G.7. Chicken Eggs

William J. Stadelman

II.G.8. Dogs

Stanley J. Olsen

II.G.9. Ducks

Rosemary Luff

II.G.10. Game

Stephen Beckerman

II.G.11. Geese

Kevin C. MacDonald and Roger Blench

II.G.12. Goats

Daniel W. Gade

II.G.13. Hogs

Daniel W. Gade

II.G.14. Horses

Daniel W. Gade

II.G.15. Insects

Darna L. Dufour and Joy B. Sander

II.G.16. Llamas and Alpacas

Daniel W. Gade

II.G.17. Muscovy Ducks

Daniel W. Gade

II.G.18. Pigeons

Richard F. Johnston

II.G.19. Rabbits

Peter R. Cheeke

II.G.20. Sea Turtles and Their Eggs

James J. Parsons

II.G.21. Sheep

Daniel W. Gade

II.G.22. Turkeys

Stanley J. Olsen

II.G.23. Water Buffalo

Robert Hoffpauir

II.G.24. Yaks

Richard P. Palmieri

III. Dietary Liquids

III.1. Beer and Ale

Phillip A. Cantrell II

III.2. Breast Milk and Artificial Infant Feeding

Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux

III.3. Cacao

Murdo J. MacLeod

III.4. Coffee

Steven C. Topik

III.5. Distilled Beverages

James Comer

III.6. Kava

Nancy J. Pollock

III.7. Khat

Clarke Brooke

III.8. Kola Nut

Edmund Abaka

III.9. Milk and Diary Products

Keith Vernon

III.10. Soft Drinks

Colin Emmins

III.11. Tea

J.H. Weisburger and james Comer

III.12. Water

Christopher Hamlin

III.13. Wine

James L. Newman

IV. The Nutrients - Deficiencies and Surfeits

IV.A. Vitamins

IV.A.1. Vitamin A (retinol, carotene)

George Wolf

IV.A.2. Vitamin B complex (Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxine, Cobalamin, Folic Acid)

Daphne A. Roe

IV.A.3. Vitamin C

R.E. Hughes

IV.A.4. Vitamin D

Glenville Jones

IV.A.5. Vitamin E

Glenville Jones

IV.A.6. Vitamin K and Vitamin K-Dependent Proteins

Myrtle Thierry-Palmer

IV.B. Minerals

IV.B.1. Calcium

Herta Spencer

IV.B.2. Iodine and Iodine-Deficiency Disorders

Basil S. Hetzel

IV.B.3. Iron

Susan Kent and Patricia Stuart-Macadam

IV.B.4. Magnesium

Theodore D. Mountokalakis

IV.B.5. Phosphorous

John. J.B. Anderson

IV.B.6. Potassium

David S. Newman

IV.B.7. Sodium

Thomas Wilson and Clarence E. Grim

IV.B.8. Other Trace Minerals

Forrest H. Nielsen

IV.B.9. Zinc

Ananda S. Prasad

IV.C. Proteins, Fats, and Essential Fatty Acids

IV.C.1. Essential Fatty Acids

Jacqueline L. Dupont

IV.C.2. Proteins

Kenneth J. Carpenter

IV.C.3. Energy and Protein Metabolism

Peter L. Pellett

IV.D. Deficiency Diseases

IV.D.1. Beriberi

Frederick L. Dunn

IV.D.2. Iron-Deficiency and Anemia of Chronic Disease

Susan Kent

IV.D.3. Keshan Disease

Yiming Xia

IV.D.4. Osteoporosis

Robert P. Heaney

IV.D.5. Pellagra

Daphne A. Roe and Stephen V. Beck

IV.D.6. Pica

Margaret J. Weinberger

IV.D.7. Protein-Energy Malnutrition

J.D.L. Hansen

IV.D.8. Scurvy

R.E. Hughes

IV.E. Food-Related Disorders

IV.E.1. Anorexia Nervosa

Heather Munro Prescott

IV.E.2. Celiac Disease

Donald D. Kasarda

IV.E.3. Food Allergies

Susan L. Hefle

IV.E.4. Food-borne Infections

Sujatha Panikker

IV.E.5. Food Sensitivities: Allergies and Intolerances

Judy Perkin

IV.E.6. Lactose Intolerance

K. David Patterson

IV.E.7. Obesity

Leslie Sue Lieberman

IV.F. Diet and Chronic Diseases

IV.F.1. Diabetes

Leslie Sue Lieberman

IV.F.2. Nutrition and Cancer

D.R. Kroes and J.H. Weisburger

IV.F.3. Nutrition and Heart-Related Diseases

Melissa H. Olken and Joel D. Howell

IV.F.4. The Cardiovascular System, Coronary Artery Disease, and Calcium: An Hypothesis

Stephen Seely

V. Food and Drink Around the World

V.A. The Beginnings of Agriculture: The Ancient Near East and North Africa

Naomi F. Miller and Wilma Wetterstrom

V.B. The History and Culture of Food and Drink in Asia

V.B.1. The Middle East and South Asia

Delphine Roger

V.B.2. Southeast Asia

Christine S. Wilson

V.B.3. China

Francoise Sabban

V.B.4. Japan

Noamichi Ishige

V.B.5. Korea

Lois N. Magner

V.C. The History and Culture of Food and Drink in Europe

V.C.1. The Mediterranean (Diets and Disease Prevention)

Marion Nestle

V.C.2. Southern Europe

Kenneth Albala

V.C.3. France

Eva Barlosius

V.C.4. The British Isles

Colin Spencer

V.C.5. Northern Europe - Germany and Surrounding Regions

Hansjorg Kuster

V.C.6. The Low Countries

Anneke H. van Otterloo

V.C.7. Russia

K. David Patterson

V.D. The History and Culture of Food and Drink in the Americas

V.D.1. Mexico and Highland Central America

John. C. Super and Luis Alberto Vargas

V.D.2. South America

Daniel W. Gade

V.D.3. The Caribbean, Including Northern South America and Lowland Central America: Early History

William F. Keegan

V.D.4. The Caribbean from 1492 to the Present

Jeffrey M. Pilcher

V.D.5. Temperate and Arctic North America to 1492

Elizabeth J. Reitz

V.D.6. North America from 1492 to the Present

James Comer

V.D.7. The Arctic and Subarctic Regions

Linda J. Reed

V.E. The History and Culture of Food and Drink in Sub-Saharan Africa and Oceania

V.E.1. Africa South from the Sahara

James L. Newman

V.E.2. Australia and New Zealand

Brian Murton

V.E.3. The Pacific Islands

Nancy Davis Lewis

V.F. Culinary History

Ellen Messer, Barbara Haber, Joyce Toomre, and Barbara Wheaton

VI. History, Nutition, and Health

VI.1. Nutrition and the Decline of Mortality

John M. Kim

VI.2. Nutrition and Mortality Decline: Another View

William Muraskin

VI.3. Infection and Nutrition: Synergistic Interactions

Nevin S. Scrimshaw

VI.4. Famine

Brian Murton

VI.5. Height and Nutrition

Bernard Harris

VI.6. The Nutrition of Women in the Developing World

Eileen Kennedy and Lawrence Haddad

VI.7. Infant and Child Nutrition

Sara A. Quandt

VI.8. Adolescent Nutrition and Fertility

Heather Munro Prescott

VI.9. Nutrition and Mental Development

Donald T. Simeon and Sally M. Grantham-McGregor

VI.10. Human Nutritional Adaptation: Biological and Cultural Aspects

Harold H. Draper

VI.11. The Psychology of Food and Food Choice

Paul Rozin

VI.12. Food Fads

Jeffrey M. Pilcher

VI.13. Food Prejudices and Taboos

Louis E. Grivetti

VI.14. The Social and Cultural Uses of Food

Carole M. Counihan

VI.15. Food as Aphrodisiacs and Anaphrodisiacs?

Thomas G. Benedek

VI.16. Food as Medicine

J. Worth Estes

VI.17. Vegetarianism

James C. Whorton

VI.18. Vegetarianism: Another View

H. Leon Abrams, Jr.

VII. Contemporary Food-Related Policy Issues

VII.1. The State, Health, and Nutrition

Carol F. Helstosky

VII.2. Food Entitlements

William H. Whitaker

VII.3. Food Subsidies and Interventions for Infant and Child Nutrition

Penelope Nestel

VII.4. Recommended Dietary Allowances and Dietary Guidance

Alfred E. Harper

VII.5. Food Labeling

Eliza Mojduszka

VII.6. Food Lobbies and U.S. Dietary Guidance Policy

Marion Nestle

VII.7. Food Biotechnology: Politics and Policy Implications

Marion nestle

VII.8. Food Safety and Biotechnology

Michael W. Pariza

VII.9. Food Additives

K.T.H. Farrer

VII.10. Substitute Foods and Ingredients

Beatrice Trum Hunter

VII.11. Nonfoods as Dietary Supplements

FR.E. Hughes

VII.12. Food Toxins and Poisons from Microorganisms

Gordon L. Klein and Wayne R. Snodgrass

VII.13. The Question of Paleolithic Nutrition and Modern Health: From the End to the Beginning

Kenneth F. Kiple