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"Food System: Food and special Aspects"

The master course "Food Society Nutrition" (former Global Food Policy) aims to describe the interdependence of food, health, consumer, culture, policies, trade, environment and health perspectives. The course covers special “food-issues”;  being this year  convenience food  and appreciation of food in a global food perspective.
Due to the Corona Pandemic - COVID-19 pandemic in Switzerland -
all activities are conducted digitally.
Für die Corona Krisenzeit wurden an der ZHAW Wädenwil  kurze  Video-Clips mit kleinen Tipps zu Ernährung und Bewegung produziert - link -
The theme of my "Webinar" on Tuesday - May 12th, 2020  - is:
"Food System: Food and special Aspects" - «appreciation of food»,

(1) My professional background (Biography) -
(2) "from nutrition complex to nutrition system" -
- my website - is my tool to structure the field of nutrition research
(3) - Appreciation of food - the different values of food
(different "views" before action - results in "simple" to eat or not to eat)

(1) My professional background (Biography) -
Privilege of a Senior - looking backwards - explanations of life course - knowing why - experience -
  Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. (Kierkegaard)
but forecasting future - ?? (e.g. plans for 2020 on turn of the year - no idea of Corona)
Carpe diem (wikipedia) -  "Die Zukunft ist noch nicht geschrieben. Sie ist, was wir daraus machen."  (Austrian Stamp - Januar 2016 - Presse ) (Zitate)
Different domiciles - (Forschungsorte) - homeland - Germany (different "Germanies") - not a native of any place
Notes on early imprints of my characteristic
- Collecting (stamps, philately) -
- Wortspiele -play on words - Kabarett  (Karl Valentin, Werner Finck)   - Cartoons -
- jazz music - variations (Freedom + Discipline)

Education - Occupational Career
- Study of Chemistry - Biochemistry - Vitamin B12 
(my plan: research in neurochemistry - biochemical pathways in brain)
- First employment: Bumbuli - Usambara Mountains, Tanzania - East Africa (1969-1971)
- Max-Planck-Nutrition-Research Unit - (Kraut)
Research on Food Composition; Nutritional Status Surveys; Nutrition Rehabilitation; Public Health Nutriton - Evaluation
(nutrients - food - home - basic need - culture) - learning different views - ecology - anthropology etc.
Collecting - literature - Congres in Malawi (Publication) -  Oltersdorf Collection (link)
- Nutrition Epidemiology  (Jelliffe) (Burkitt) -

- Second employment: Giessen University (1971-1991)
(Cremer) (Leitzmann)
- Research - animal experiments - interactions - research model expanding - collecting - Review of Interactions
- from animal experiments of epidemiology - interdisciplinary research  (EMSIG) - nutrition system
- Teaching - Nutrition in developing countries - collecting: World Nutrition Publications - "World Nutrition Expert" (Welthungerhilfe - Freedom from Hunger) (Publikation) (UNICEF) (Publikation)
- Lecturing: Assessment of Nutritional Status of the Community
- Nutrition Ecology (Publication)

- Third employment: Stuttgart-Karlsruhe
Director and Professor - Instituts für Ernährungsökonomie und -soziologie (IÖS) der Bundesforschungsanstalt für Ernährung (BFE) (Okt 1991 - Aug 2007) (Nutrition Economy and Nutrition Sociology) (former: Federal Research Center for Home Economcis) (E.Stübler)
(now: Institut für Ernährungsverhalten (Nutrition Behaviour) - Max-Rubner-Institut, Karlsruhe)
Possibilities to organize nutrition behaviour research on national (e.G. AGEV) and international base (e.g. IUNS-Committee)
- Activities in public health nutrition research (EU-Projects)
- Finally: Initiative for Second National Nutrition Survey (NVS)

(2) "From nutrition complex to nutrition system"
- my website -  - (since 2007 - pages in May 2020 - 6.456)

Nutrition is both: a basic science (why-research) - the functions of nutrients -
an applied science - how we apply the results into functions -  "What foods and how much humans should eat to stay healthy - and since a few decades ago - to sustain.

Nutrition is a total phenomenon   (total social fact(Marcel Mauss)

Consequently - the object of nutrition research is unlimited, boundless; (information overload)
nutrition research has to be interdisciplinary (Schichten-Modell - layers of sciences - from physics to cultural sciences)(Chart)
( The Powers of Ten films are two short American documentary films written and directed by Charles and Ray Eames. ) (YouTube)
- biopsychosociocultural models (EMSIG-Model)

My instrument for orientation in the huge "space" of Nutrition Research (Ernährungsforschungsraum) is a system with four dimensions  (Chart)
- Food (Lebensmittel)  -
- Human (Menschen) -
- Environment (Umwelt
- Time (Zeit)

Dimension Human: Everybody needs food - basic need - (Maslow - Chart) each individual has (almost) the same requirements for nutrients.
Differences - individuality - functions of organs - health+wellbeing - longevity.
(amount of food/beverages of an adult - 2-3kg/day or 1 to per year - 3000kcal/day or 1 million per year) -  (Fritz Kahn)   (Kahn Info Bild ) (Informationsgraphik) ( enormous performance of the organismus) - (Karlsruher Ernährungspyramide - Nutrition Pyramid) (Das essen wir alles in einem Jahr. Watson 19.09.2018)
(World Population - still increasing) (Population Clock)  (YouTube)   (

Dimension Food:
- single nutrients -  supplements ("chemicals") - processed food: sugar, starch, lipids
- multitude of foods - numerous ingredients (chart)- nutrients and non-nutrients, bioactive substances - interactions
(dual interactions between 40 nutrients need 240 studies (about 1012) (World population 8 109) - Abrams, J.T.: The need for co-ordination of research in nutrition. Internat J Vit Nutr. Res 48: 219-224 (1978)  (OLT112)
- cooking - processed foods - dishes - menus - meals
-  - (⇒⇒ Cooking) (recipies of the world - data bank)
- Food Habit - diets
- National cuisines  (e.g. mediterran diet)
Enough food for all humans - world nutrition - e.g.  EAT- Lancet-Commission
Primary production (Plants) - (Agriculture)
Food Processing chains - Storage - Distribution - Packaging - Trade - Waste management (Food Technology)
Food Storage (distribution over time - from harvest to harvest)
Food Distribution (over areas - trade) (packaging - e.g. plastic)
Food Waste
Different Qualities of Food (Chart)  (Werte der LM)
- new development - bigdata - metabolom - om-era.

No human can live alone - humans survive in different environments
Dimension Environment:
- Clothing
- Family/Household (micro level)
- Communities (villages, towns, countries) (meso level)
- continental-global regions (macro level)   (Schichten-Modell - Lobstein)
- Settings (home, economic, leisure)
- Communication
- Mobility
- Ethics + Culture (Policy)
(one pole: individualized personalized nutrition - the other pole: regional/national - global/planetary nutrition

Live is a balance - not static, but dynamic processes of complex systems (biopsychosocialcultural model)
(static system - a chess play - no action - no effects - time independent) -
It is impossible to take no action in the food system / - no breathing - no oxygen - dead within few minutes / no water - dead within a few days /  - no eating - refuse food - has severe consequences  (Starving - Hunger)

Nutrition System has a
Dimension Time 
- individual biography
- historical developments in food    (Mutationen der Menschheit)
- food chains -
- daily and seasonal cycles - rhythms -
- life events   (Chart - Life Course)
- prognosis - nutrition planning    (Publication)
("environment" of past  <action, stimulus>  ⇒ genom imprinting - epigenetic <reaction>)

One principle - information management (Modus 2 - Rhizom)  (traditional - encyclopedia from A to Z)
- relationsship between different parts (links) - "growing were is need"  (up to know in Ernährungdenkwerkstatt about 6450 sides)
Objects viewed from different sites (Objektivität) (not only the common ones)  (Drudel)

(3) - Appreciation of food - the different values of food
(different "views" before action (science) vs Consumer  "simple" eat or not to eat) (Handlungstheorie)

Wertschätzung - Different Qualities of Food (Chart)  (Werte der LM)
- nutritonal value
- pleasure value (Taste, appearance - food porn)
- health value
- social value
- economic value
- cultural-ideological value
- usability (handling) value
- convenience value
- ecological value
- Bekömmlichkeit (salubriousness - digestability, food <in>tolerance) (disgust - psychonutrition)

(these values are related to dimensions human - environment - time (Change - Wandel)

- Evaluation of the food - the meal (POEM)  - of a Syrian family in the war time situation - see Report of Aaref Watad (AFP):  Ramadan 2020 -  In Pictures: Iftar in the ruins of the Syrian town of Ariha. Aljazeera 06.05.2020 (TAZ 09.05.2020 - S.2)

Learning  - Nutrition Competence (Applying - Hand - Training) - Nutrition Education/Communication (Brain) - (Ernährungsanalphabeten)

Change of Appreciation of food -
during life cycle
during history
global communication - global food - global values (Nutrition in Transition)
- loss/disappearance of (indigenous) local culture - foods - dishes
(UNESCO - world heritage) (regional)

Bentham, J. et al.: Multidimensional characterization of global food supply from 1961 to 2013. Nature Food Vol.1: 70-75 (Jan 2020)  ⇔ "Global diets are converging, with benefits and problems."  link bei 13.01.2020 - Changes for 18 foodgroups in 171 countries

Changes with time - Wandel -
traditional home economics - use food complete, no wastage (food security)
modern (marketing) values - no restrictions - eating everytime everywhere (food in armlength) - "making the satiesfied hungry" -  "Die Satten hungrig machen"
- after harvest - Tage - Erntedankfest / Harvest festival / thanksgivingday - 
- Appreciation of work along the food chain /  Harvesting / working conditions (social value) (History - slavery - modern slavery)
Appreciation of food in cultures (Malerei - Still Life)
- Food on stamps -

Methods to study Appreciation of food:
Market Research - what are consumer buying, to which prize - Monitoring - "digital big data)
- Important place - Point of sale (POS)

"Dumping Prize" - "Schnäppchen (Burgain buy)"
Advertisement from Edeka "Essen hat einen Preis verdient: den niedrigsten. (link) - "Unerträglich" Bauern Proteste. Münchner Merkur 29.01.2020 / Tagesschau 02.02.2020
Faire Preise: Wie viel ist uns das Essen wert? link bei 02.03.2020
O’Shea, L.: Those we once called ‘unskilled’ are key workers. The labour we really need. (Covid-19) Le Monde diplomatique May 2020

Howard G Schutz - Schutz, Howard G. et al.: Food and Food-Use Classification Systems. Food Technology, 29: 52-64 (March 1975) - Schutz, Howard G. et al.: Multivariate analyses and the measurement of consumer attitudes and perceptions. Food Technology 42(11) 141-144 (1988)
(Publikation -  OLT Feb 1979)

Brombach, Chr. et al. (Wädenswil): Wertschätzung von Lebensmitteln bei Schweizer Studierenden. Ernährungs-Umschau Nov 2020, S.M666-M672




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