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Derek B Jelliffe (gest 1992)- amerikanischer "Nutritionist"

wesentliche Arbeiten zu Nutritional Status Surveys (ganzheitlicher, ökologischer Ansatz) (Checklist - rapid ecological visit)

Beginn in Jamaica - CFNI

Das Lehrbuch "The Assessment of the Nutritional Status of the Community" WHO Monograph Series No. 53 (Genf, 1976)  Download - Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3 / Part 4

Aminosäure-Quotient-Methode (simplified paperchromatography, weighing)

Makarere Univesity College - Kampala

Jelliffe, D.B. & Jelliffe, E.F.P.1978. Human milk in the modern world. Oxford, UK, Oxford Medical Publications, Oxford University Press.

Jelliffe, D.B. & Jelliffe, E.F.P. 1989. Community nutritional assessment with special reference to less technically developed countries. Oxford, UK, Oxford Medical Publications, Oxford University Press.

Jelliffe,D.B.: Parallel Food Classifications in developing and industrial countries. Amer.J.clin.Nutr. 20(3) 279-281 (1967) (im Archiv)

Derek B. Jelliffe (d 1992) and his wife Patrice E. Jelliffe - known as Dick and Pat Jelliffe - were experts in tropical paediatrics and infant nutrition. They are most known for their seminal book, Human Milk in the Modern World, published by Oxford University Press in 1989, and for editing the mult-volume Advances in International Maternal and Child Health. The Jelliffes also wrote over 500 scholarly papers, often together. They lived and worked in England, Africa, India, the Caribbean and settled in Los Angeles where he held the Chair in Public Health and Paediatrics at the University of California from 1972 to 1990.

The Jelliffes field observations triggered the so-called Baby Killers scandal and the Nestlé boycott. Professor Jelliffe subsequently testified to a subcommittee of the US Senate. He coined the phrase commerciogenic malnutrition to refer to infant starvation caused by inappropriate use of infant formula or bottlefeeding in areas with low income and poor water supplies. He is associated with the promotion of breastfeeding.

Other areas associated with their research include the changing composition and properties of human milk, the contraceptive effects of breastfeeding, and the use of breastfeeding for rehydration and other issues for infant refugees.

Derrick B Jelliffe Library at CRNI Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute - Jamaica


Derrick B. Jelliffe & E. F. Patrice Jelliffe: Education of the public for successful lactation - Psycho‐social considerations. Ecology of Food and Nutrition 2(2) 127-132 (1973) - (scan im Archiv)

Jeliffe,D.B.: Commerciogenic Malnutrition? Food Techn 25: 2 (1971) (siehe auch - )

Latham, MC: Tribute to a pioneer in child health and nutrition (IUNS Congress, Adelaide, 1993 - download)