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Die "Food Choice Conferences" führten erstmals 1992 international Ernährungsverhaltensforscher zusammen. Innerhalb IUNS gab es keinen organisatorischen Schwerpunkt für den Bereich "food habit": Bei der Gelegenheit, daß im Rahmen der IUNS-Tagung in  Adelaide 1993, die FFC quasi als "Satelliten"-Konferenz stattfand, wurde mit dem IUNS-Vorstand die Situation der "Food Habit"-Forschung diskutiert. Als Resultat dieser Gespräche in Adelaide, beschloß die IUNS ab 1994 das Committee II/2 "Nutrition and Food Habit" einzurichten. 
Die Gründungs"chairperson" war Ulrich Oltersdorf.

"Short Report on IUNS Committee II/2 (for 1994-1996):"Nutrition and Food Habits".
Charge: To review the impact of changing food choice and food habits on nutritional status.

Chairperson: Dir. u. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Oltersdorf
Federal Research Centre for Nutrition
Institute of Nutritional Economics and Sociology
- Prof.Dr.David Booth; The University of Birmingham, School of Psychology, Edgbaston; Birmingham BI5 2TT, United Kingdom
Tel.: +44 121 414 4938 
Email: D.A.BOOTH (at) Bham.ac.uk
(wikipedia) (aktuelle website - 2012)
- Dr.Igor de Garine; Directeur de Recherche au Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique; Pargade; F-64290 Lasseube, France
Tel./Fax. +33 59 04 22 68 (1994)
- Prof. Dr. Keyou Ge 
Institute of Nutrition and Food Hygiene
Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine (CAPM)
29 Nanwei Road
100050 Beijing China
Tel: 86-10-6303-4107 - e-mail: gky (at) public3.bta.net.cn  (1994)
- Dr.Elisabet Helsing; WHO Europe Denmark (jetzt Norwegen)
- Prof.Dr. Barbara Kowrygo
Postgraduate MBA – IZMA in Agri-Food Business
Warsaw Agricultural University
ul. Nowoursynowska 159
PL-02-787 Warszawa, Poland 
Tel./fax (48-22) 843 85 01 -  e-mail: izma (at) sggw.waw.pl   (1994)   
- Dr.Marion Nestle
 New York University, School of Education
 Department of Nutrition and Food Studies
35 West 4th Street, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10012-1172, U.S.A.
Tel.: +1 212 998-5580 (1994)
- Prof.Dr.Tony Worsley
 The University of Adelaide
Department of Community Medicine, Professor of Public and Environmental Health
Adelaide, SA 5005, Australia  (1994)
(aktuell - )

The committee´s last activity was the publication of the Montreal workshop “Methodology to Identify and to Assess Eating Patterns“. This was published in journal “Appetite“ - Vol. 32; Feb. 1999; P.1- 112 (with 14 contributions). After my records I did send you a copy of it via post mail in May 1999.  

In the following there are the links to this publication: http://www.idealibrary.com/links/toc/appe/32/1/0 (nicht mehr aktuell - 2012)  (Appetite-(Zeitschrift) 1999, Vol. 32 p1ff

Assessing Eating Patterns-an Emerging Research Topic in Nutritional Sciences: Introduction to the Symposium U. OLTERSDORF, D. SCHLETTWEIN-GSELL, G. WINKLER  pp. 1-7 (doi:10.1006/appe.1998.0189) 
Dietary Patterns and Trends in the United States: The UNC-CH Approach  - B. M. POPKIN, P. S. HAINES, A. M. SIEGA-RIZ pp. 8-14 (doi:10.1006/appe.1998.0190) 
Meal Patterns in the SENECA Study of Nutrition and the Elderly in Europe: Assessment Method and Preliminary Results on the Role of the Midday Meal  D. SCHLETTWEIN-GSELL, B. DECARLI, L. DE GROOT  pp. 15-22 (doi:10.1006/appe.1998.0191) 
The Significance of Eating Patterns: An Elderly Greek Case Study M. L. WAHLQVIST, A. KOURIS-BLAZOS, N. WATTANAPENPAIBOON  pp. 23-32 (doi:10.1006/appe.1998.0192) 
Meal Patterns in Middle-aged Men in Southern Germany: Results from the MONICA Augsburg Dietary Survey 1984/85 G. WINKLER, A. DÖRING, U. KEIL pp. 33-37 (doi:10.1006/appe.1998.0193) 
Methodology of a Survey on Meal Patterns in Private Senior Households C. PFAU pp. 38-45 (doi:10.1006/appe.1998.0194) 
Eating Patterns in French Subjects Studied by the "Weekly Food Diary" Method - F. BELLISLE, A. -M. DALIX, J. M. DE CASTRO - pp. 46-52 (doi:10.1006/appe.1998.0195) 
Food-based Classification of Eating Episodes (FBCE)  - M. LENNERNÄS, I. ANDERSSON - pp. 53-65 (doi:10.1006/appe.1998.0196) 
From Regional Ethnographies to Interdisciplinary Approaches-Research on Meals in Finland - R. PRÄTTÄLÄ, E. ROOS  - pp. 66-72 (doi:10.1006/appe.1998.0197) 
Nordic Meals: Methodological Notes on a Comparative Survey - J. MÄKELÄ, U. KJÆRNES, M. PIPPING EKSTRÖM, E. L'ORANGE FÜRST, J. GRONOW, L. HOLM - pp. 73-79 (doi:10.1006/appe.1998.0198)   
Evidence-based Reduction of Obesity: Identification of a Subculture's Least Fattening Eating Patterns - D. A. BOOTH  - pp. 80-85 (doi:10.1006/appe.1998.0199) 
Evaluation of Eating Patterns with Different Methods: The Polish Experience  B. KOWRYGO, H. GÓRSKA-WARSEWICZ, S. BERGER pp. 86-92 (doi:10.1006/appe.1998.0200) 
Food Habits in Kenya: The Effects of Change and Attendant Methodological Problems R. K. ONIANG'O, A. KOMOKOTI pp. 93-96 (doi:10.1006/appe.1998.0201) 
Assessment of Adolescent Food Habits in Switzerland 
C. CAVADINI, B. DECARLI, H. DIRREN, M. CAUDERAY, F. NARRING, P. -A. MICHAUD pp. 97-106 (doi:10.1006/appe.1998.0202) 
Interpretation of Dietary Change in the United States: Fat as an Indicator M. NESTLE, C. WOTEKI - pp. 107-112 (doi:10.1006/appe.1998.0203)  

The  symposia II-5 - Eating and Food Patterns - Determinants of Nutrition Behaviour - Health Promotion and Consumption Pattern at the IUNS Congress in Vienna (Tuesday Aug 28th, 2001; 16:00 to 18:30)
(Proceedings - OLT 211 p.123ff)