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Indigenous knowledge systems (IKS) refer to the complex set of knowledge, skills and technologies existing and developed around specific conditions of populations and communities indigenous to a particular geographic area. IKS constitute the knowledge that people in a given community have developed over time, and continue to develop. It is the basis for agriculture, food preparation, health care, education and training, environmental conservation, and a host of other activities. Indigenous knowledge is embedded in community practices, institutions, relationships and rituals. Herbal medicine is a good example of indigenous knowledge, which has affected the lives of people worldwide.


Indigenous knowledge provides the basis for problem-solving strategies for local communities. It represents an important component of global knowledge of development issues. It is often an under-utilized resource in the development process. A key reason for the under-utilization of indigenous knowledge in the development process is the lack of guidelines for recording, codifying and applying such knowledge An understanding is required of indigenous knowledge and its role in community life from an integrated perspective that includes both spiritual and material aspects of a society as well as the complex relation between them. At the same time, it is necessary to understand and to explore the potential contribution of indigenous knowledge to local and national development. It is also necessary to protect, preserve and utilize indigenous knowledge to benefit its owners and the communities where it is practiced. And that such protection, preservation and utilization process requires carefully thought-out research and deliberate effort.


Centre For Indigenous Knowledge Systems (CEFIKS)

There is, therefore, a strong need for an organization devoted solely to the research, monitoring, documentation, and coordination of indigenous knowledge systems in Ghana. The Centre for Indigenous Knowledge Systems (CEFIKS) was established in the year 2000 to fulfill this need. The Centre is based in Accra and has affiliates in the USA, and local communities in Ghana.

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