Nutrition Policy in Afrika
(siehe Ernährung in Afrika)

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Nutrition Policy in Tanzania
(s. Ernährung in Tanzania)
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• Reduction of all forms of malnutrition to the acceptable levels.
• Protein Energy Malnutrition (PEM)
• Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD) • Vitamin A Deficiency (VAD)
• Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA)
• Effective Coordination of nutrition activities in Tanzania
• Improved capacity and capability require for managing nutrition activities in the country. - PowerPoint Präsentation (link)  (download)

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Aims and Objectives of the Food and Nutrition Policy for Tanzania
1.0 The aims of the Food and Nutrition Policy are as follows; To integrate food and nutrition activities undertaken by various sector. To enable each sector to play its part in the elimination of the various sectors. To improve the nutritional situation of the Tanzanian community, especially children and women. To strengthen the procedures of obtaining and supplying food within the household, villages and towns by utilizing locally produced foods To enable Tanzanians to produce and use food which can adequately meet their nutritional needs. To establish a viable research programme which will facilitate the improvement of food and nutrition in the country.
1.1 The objectives of the Food and Nutrition Policy are as follows; To prepare a viable system for coordinating, balancing and guiding food and nutrition activities which are being undertaken by various sectors To provide guidelines and techniques to combat food and nutrition problems in the country and to enable each sector to play its role. To rectify the state of food availability and formulate proper strategies and techniques to ensure the availability and utilization of food in accordance with nutritional requirements. To involve all sectors which deal with issues pertaining to food and nutrition in realizing and strengthening the methods of improving the nutrition situation. To incorporate food and nutrition considerations in development plans and to allocate available resources towards solving the problem of food and nutrition at all levels. To ensure nutrition as one of the indicators in assessing social development achievements of economic and health improvement projects. To formulate and develop research which facilitate solving of food and nutrition problems.
1.3 In order to achieve the aims and objectives of this policy, the following important areas have been defined and analyzed: Food Security. Care for Special Groups Essential Human Services Food and Nutrition Roles of various sectors in the implementation of the Food and Nutrition Policy in Tanzania.
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--Nutrition-Relevant Actions in Tanzania TANZANIA FOOD AND NUTRITION CENTRE 20TH ANNIVERSARY, 1973 - 1993 MONOGRAPH SERIES No. 1 (link)
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