Food Policy - Nahrungspolitik
kann als Zwischenstufe in der Entwicklung zur Ernährungspolitik (Nutrition Policy) gesehen werden. Es war anfangs wichtig durch entsprechende Agrarpolitik, die Nahrungssicherheit (Nahrung für Alle; food for all) zu gewährleisten. (Steigerung der landwirtschaftlichen Produktion).
Die Erfahrungen zeigten jedoch, damit war die richtige Ernährung (Ernährungssicherheit) nicht gesichert.
(siehe auch Ernährungswende)

- Tracing the impacts of food and nutrition policies. link bei 11.06.2018 (Konferenz Nutrition 2018 in Boston 09.-12.06.2018)

This blog addresses the power, politics, and practices of food and eating. -
Food is everywhere because everybody has to eat. At the same time, food is politics. Looking at food tells us a how societies work, in history as well as in the present. What we produce, what we buy, and what we eat provide evidence about ourselves: our values, social status, culture, history, and health. We are constantly called upon to choose our diet carefully to become (or stay) healthy and fit. If nothing else, recent proclamations of health crises such as that of “obesity” speak to the political character of food, eating, and the body. Food at once reflects and helps determine whose lives count as valuable or not.