In den USA gibt es eine lange Geschichte der Nutrition Policy; viele Informationen vorhanden, viel im Archiv. 
Nur vorläufige kurze Hinweise - Nationale Verzehrsstudie - hat sich an US-Erfahrungen angelehnt (z.B. National Health Nutrition and Examination Survey - NHANES) (link)  (NVS-Konzept Anhang 2)

US Senate - Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs (von 1968-1977) (McGovern - US Vizepräsident)
(Ausgangspunkt; Hunger in den USA; Hunger in der Welt - Nahrungsmittelhilfe - Food for Peace - Public Law 480; P.L.480) (USAID - History)

Time line - National Nutrition Summit (NNS) - White House Conference on Food, Nutrition, and Health in 1969 (Content)  (link to full report) 

Dietary Goals for the United States. 95th Congress; Government Printers, Washington, 1977 (Summary) (OLT - Kasten 25 - Dietary Goals)

Centre for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP) - 
Ernährungspyramide - (CNPP-Website)
- Dietary Guidelines (Dietary Goals) - (CNPP-Website) - 2010 - Document
Healthy Eating Index - (CNPP-Website) -
- -
-  Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2050 (download)
- Nährwertinformationen - (CNPP-Website) MyFoodapedia
- Kosten der Lebensmittel - (CNPP-Website)
- Kosten der Ernährung für Familien mit Kindern - (CNPP-Website)
- Ernährungslehre - Nutrition Insights - (CNPP-Website)
- Nutrition Evidence Library (website)

- Gesunde Lebensweise - Healthy People (2010/2020)

- körperliche Aktivtität Fitness  - 


NIH releases strategic plan to accelerate nutrition research over next 10 years. link bei 27.05.2020 - 4 strategische Ziele u.a. "Investigate the Role of Dietary Patterns and Behaviors for Optimal Health: What and when should we eat?" / Download /

Policies link - beim FNIC/USDA

Teicholz, N.: The scientific report guiding the US dietary guidelines: is it scientific? BMJ, 2015; h4962 DOI: 10.1136/bmj.h4962; ref. ScienceDaily 23.09.2015


Food and Nutrition Policy in den USA (Informationen)


Nestle, Marion (2007). Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health (2nd ed.). University of California Press. pp. 38–42. ISBN 0520254031. 

Garrety, K.: Dietary Policy, Controversy and Proof: Doing Something versus Waiting for the Definitive Evidence 2006. (Link) 

Gesundheitspolitik - Health Policy
(US Präsident) B.Obama: United States Health Care ReformProgress to Date and Next Steps -   JAMA Published online July 11, 2016. doi:10.1001/jama.2016.9797   (ref. Spektrum des Wissens  14.07.2016)

Anniversary of the National Nutrition Conference.  JAMA - 2017;317(20):2136. The National Nutrition Conference called by President Roosevelt in May 1941 assembled diversified interests in the field of nutrition and stimulated the formulation of a national program. The responsibility for coordinating the programs and activities of public and private agencies, national, state and local, into a unified program for the promotion of better nutrition rests with the Office of Defense Health and Welfare Services, of which Federal Security Administrator Paul V. McNutt is director. M. L. Wilson is assistant director in charge of nutrition and Dr. W. H. Sebrell is deputy assistant director. Helen S. Mitchell is principal nutritionist.
June 7, 1941 - National Nutrition Conference for Defense. JAMA. 1941;116(23):2598-2599. doi:10.1001/jama.1941.02820230042013