Die norwegische Regierung publiziert einen Ernährungsbericht, der in der Landessprache verfasst ist. Der Link zu der Kurzfassung lautet:

Christina Hansen Edwards et al.: Healthcare costs associated with overweight and obesity at an individual versus a population level – a HUNT study. J Norwegian Medical Association. doi: 10.4045/timeskr.22.0726 (19.09.2023)⇔ Being overweight costs society far more than obesity - Far more people are overweight than obese, which means their overall use of the health care system may be far larger than for those who are heavier.  link bei 14.12.2023

Kinge, J.M. et al.: Association of Household Income With Life Expectancy and Cause-Specific Mortality in Norway, 2005-2015. JAMA  doi:10.1001/jama.2019.4329 (13.05.2019)